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United States
Name: Solstice

Nickname: Sol

Age: 21 (human years)

Gender: Female

Faction: Autobot

Class: Warrior

Mother: Unknown

Father: Crosshairs (Adopted)

Vehicle form: 2009 Corvette ZR1

Weapons: Arm cannon, stun gun, arm blades (like Dinos), and electric whips

Solstice's parents were killed in a fight with Decepticons, leaving her an orphan. She was only a Deca-cycle (3 weeks) old when Crosshairs found her. He took her in and raised her to be the smart, tactical fighter she is today. Just like her father, she is skilled with weapons and never misses when she aims her cannon. She loves her whips and uses them to stun and kill Cons that dare cross her path. She is a small petite femme with dark royal blue armor and bright blue optics. After the war that destroyed their home, she and her father traveled together to find the Autobots and join in terminating the Decepticons. When they received message from Optimus Prime, they traveled to the planet called Earth. When upon reaching the planet, they crashed and were separated with no idea where they were. Now she is out searching for the Bots and her father, taking in her new form, a 2009 Corvette ZR1 with a sky blue racing strip down the hood. She can be stubborn at times and a little naive but she is a kind and hardworking femme through and through. She is playful and enjoys playing with her father, or sparing with her friends.

Her father Crosshairs is the green Corvette from the movie Transformers 4.

(I will Rp G1, Prime, or Movie. It doesn't matter to me.)

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Solstice, are you still here? I'm getting worried about you.
Yes I'm here and I'm sorry for worrying you, some stuff happened.
It's all right. :hug: I'm just glad you're okay.
Awe thanks! I'm happy to know I have friends here who care :hug:
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